Our Most Common Questions

Does it REALLY work?! ...  YES! and we have over 200,000 happy customers to prove it!

How LONG will it last? ... We GUARANTEE our pads for the LIFE of your vehicle!

The concept of our Pads is very simple once the underlying problem is understood.


The Problem

In 2009 we discovered the reason why these remotes stopped working. They were literaly WEARING down.

The backs of the rubber buttons lose their conductivity after about 2 years of regular use. The problem seems to be specific to this generation of GM remotes only.

keylessfix pad inserted in remote

This is our pad insterted inside the remote. Once inserted like this, just snap it closed and all buttons will work again.


The Solution

After a few failed attempts back in 2010, we finally came up with the design we have today. A simple pad with high-tech conductive buttons that lays right on top of all the contact points on the circuit board. Now when a button is pushed, it pushes the new button on our pad which then contacts the circuit board. Our Buttons are guaranteed to last for 1 MILLION actuations. What this basically means is, they are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!


Secondary Problem

Loose Battery Holder

Another common problem with these remotes is a loose battery holder. The 3 connections need to be soldered securely or your remote will not get proper power supply to all its parts. With a soldering tool this repair can be made quite easily and quickly.