Our Goal at KeylessFix.com is to get your Factory GM remote working again. Here are the solutions to some of the most common problems.

Note: Keylessfix is designed exclusively for repairing most 2005 and newer GM remotes. This includes Cars and Minivan's. The best way to find out if Keylessfix will work with your remote is to open it up and compare the back side of the circuit board with this pictures. If it is different then it will not work. Check our Compatibility Page for more info and a complete list of vehicles that have compatible remotes.

picture of a gm remote that needs to be repaired. buttons not working, gm keyless fob 



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The Circuit Board Test-The 'Penny' Test

Battery Holder Damaged


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Remote Start Not Working

Is Reprogramming Required?

Panic Alarm goes off when Remote Start button Pushed


Dead Battery?

This sounds obvious, but its a good place to start. If you can, check the battery with a voltage meter. If you don't have an extra battery, try using one out of a remote that you know does work. Once you know it is not the battery that is at fault. Continue to some of the other tests.





Test Your Remote - See if you need our Keylessfix Button Pad

There is a good test that you can do that will determine if our Keylessfix Button Pad is required to fix your remote. Here it is.


The Circuit Board Test


Open up your remote and take out the green circuit board. This is the main part of your remote and will function just fine without the case and the rubber button pad. The only thing the rubber button pad is for is for actuating the contacts on the circuit board, however, anything metalic (conductive) could be used as well. You need to have a good battery installed in the remote and of course the Battery terminal has to be solidly attached to the circuit board.
THE TEST - Find anything conductive, for instance: penny, flat head screwdriver, even a wet fingertip will work! Get within range of your vehicle. Simply touch the contacts on your remote with the metal object. You may have to move it just a bit back and forth. If your car reacts, then your remote is operating fine. Try touching the other contacts. Once you play with it a bit you will figure out exactly which contacts do what. You should be able to lock and unlock your car no problem.
If you get NO REACTION when you try this test, then there is a problem, and no button pad or our Keylessfix Pad is going to make the remote work. Either your battery is dead (in the car or in your remote) or your remote is not programmed to your car, or something catastrophic has happened to your remote and is likely beyond repair.
If you have determnined that your buttons work fine using this test, put your remote back together. Now try pushing your buttons on the remote and see how each one works. If your remote is fairly new (or not used too much) most likely all buttons will work. The older your remote gets (the more the buttons are pushed) you will find that buttons will stop working. Usually the most commonly used buttons fail first (lock and unlock).
This is the exactly the problem that our Keylessfix Button Pad Repairs. Plus our Pads Guaranteed to last you for the rest of (your cars) Life.

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Battery Holder Damaged


When you open up the remote. immediately the battery holder will be in view. Take a close look at the 3 connections that hold the battery holder down. It is very common to see that 1 or more of these terminals has come loose (see the pictures). The only real way to properly and permanently fix this kind of problem is to solder the holder back down. Soldering is not extremely difficult if you have the proper tools. Most of the GM stores that stock our product are able to solder your clip on while you wait. Other places where you may get your clip soldered back on are locksmiths, car stereo repair shops, or any small electrical repair shops.

remote keyless fob battery holder brokenkeylessfix battery holder broken



Internal Contact Buttons Worn


 The buttons over time have become worn down. The result is that pressing the buttons no longer initiate a response from the remote. A good way to narrow down if this is in fact the problem is simple. In most cases where buttons are worn, it is usually the most commonly used buttons that are not working. Try to see if you get a response when using some of the buttons that are rarely used. Try the panic button. If any of the buttons work, then you right away know that the battery is good and the buttons are at fault. Our exclusive KeylessFix product will fix all of the buttons on your remote at once. It takes about a minute to install and it is guaranteed for LIFE. Follow the link to order your KeylessFix Pads for both of your remotes (if one is still working it is only a matter of time before it will also need the fix). Follow these simple instructions to install the KeylessFix.

 gm remote picture installing keyless fix button repairgm remote picture installing keyless fix button repairgm remote picture installing keyless fix button repair


Keylessfix Installation Instructions


Step 1:  At the top edge, along the seem, you will see a spot where you can split the 2 layers of the remote apart. The remote is designed to be opened at this point to allow for replacement of the battery.

Step 2:  Remove the circuit board. It is not as fragile as you might think. There is no risk of shock.

Step 3:  Place the KeylessFix with the "cut out" circles facing up inside the rubber keypad section. It is critical to place the KeylessFix face up, the smooth side of the Keylessfix Pad will be against the existing rubber pad of your remote.

Step 4: Place the circuit board back in its original position on top of the KeylessFix. Snap the cover back in its place. Finished.

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Check Out Our 'HOW TO' Youtube Video's




Remote Start Not Working


It is very common for the remote start to stop working properly when your buttons start to fail. In order for your vehicle to enter the remote start mode you must first lock the car twice with your remote. If your lock button does not work right, it will be impossible for your remote start to work. Also keep in mind that if you have a check engine light on in your vehicle, the remote start feature is automatically disabled. In order for it to be re-enabled, you must first solve the issue that is causing the check engine light to stay on. There is also a feature in some cars that allow you to disable the remote start in the vehicle settings. Refer to your owners manual to see how to enter the vehicle settings mode and verify that your remote start is turned 'ON'. Worn out buttons for the unlock and remote start are repairable using our Keylessfix rubber button repair.

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Programming or Reprogramming your GM Remote


In reading many forums and responding to numerous emails, the question of programing these remotes to your vehicle always comes up. It is true that older GM remotes (prior to 2005 and the vehicles still using those older style remotes) as well as the newer remotes you find in 2007+ GMC/Chevy Trucks can be simply programmed by the do-it-yourself owner. However, the remotes that we are focusing on here at Keylessfix.com can only be programmed by a GM technician using a specific GM diagnostic tool (Tech2). I would love to be able to tell you that GM has a secret, easy way to program them, but unfortunately they do not. The cost of programming a remote usually runs around $50. When you insert our Keylessfix Button replacement pad inside your remote to repair your buttons, reprogramming of your remote is NOT necessary since the programming in your remote has not changed. It is only the buttons buttons that are not working and our Keylessfix pad repairs those buttons. If you are planning to purchase a new or used remote anywhere, whether at your GM Dealer or online somewhere, you have to consider that the remote will have to be programmed to your car by a GM Dealership.

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Panic Alarm goes off when Remote Start button Pushed


This problem is not very common, but we have come across it. All buttons function normally except for the Remote Start Button. For some reason the panic alarm goes off. The reason we have found that this occurs is because a small part on the inside of your remote has been damaged. The damage is likely due to the Battery clip coming loose and moving around inside the remote.
Picture of Circuit Board

Near the middle connection of the battery clip you will see a row of 6 very small black "boxes". Depending on how many functions your remote has will determine how many of these black "boxes" are actually installed. There is room for 6 but in many remotes you will only find 1 or 2 or sometimes none, but you will see the soldering points lined up where they would be installed. The very first one (closest to the middle of the circuit board) seems to be involved in the Remote Start operation. We have found that in cases where the Panic Alarm sounds when the remote start button was pushed, it was this 1st black "box" that had come loose or had completely fallen off.
Because this piece is so small, it is very difficult to solder it back in place and that is if you are lucky enough to still have the little black "box". We have been able to repair them before, but only when we had the vehicle present to test afterwards to make sure that the soldering was done correctly.
The repair of this problem is quite a bit more difficult then soldering on the battery clip. Also many times a part is required (black box), the easiest way to locate one of the black "boxes" is to take one off of an old remote (of the same style). Repair facilities may have spare remotes from which they will be able to take spare parts. If you plan on tackling this by yourself, we recommend a good magnifying glass and a VERY steady hand.

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